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Spring Sunflower Inexpensive #Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Howdy ya'll!!! I hope everyone is doing lovely. Today, I want to share a inexpensive Spring sunflower #wedding centerpiece.

I don't know...someone may be looking for a inexpensive centerpiece for their Spring wedding. If so, I hope you will find inspiration from this post.
A lady wanted we to help with her wedding. She's getting married in May...and wanted  me to come up with an inexpensive centerpiece. Her flowers of choice are sunflowers and daisies. I love sunflowers, so this was something I knew I was going to enjoy.

Here is what you are going to need to create this centerpiece:

9 inch cylinder vase (Dollar Tree) 1.00
Candle stick (Dollar Tree) 1.00...I found mine at Ross on clearance for 1.99. But you can use one from Dollar Tree
2 Bunches of silk sunflowers (Hobby Lobby) 7.00 Walmart sell sunflowers as well. Also you might want to check your Dollar Tree. Mine didn't have any.
2 or 3 inch foam balls...Hobby Lobby (use a 40% off coupon and pay about 2.50
Fillers such as gems, flowers, rocks, water beads, sand, etc. I used gems and flowers... 1.00
Ribbon (Hobby Lobby) 1.50. I used left over ribbon from her bouquet. 
Faux Daisies (Hobby Lobby) 50% off 1.00
Votive candles (Dollar Tree) I used candles I had left from my niece's wedding
Glue gun
E6000 or Epoxy Glue
Lace Ribbon (Dollar Tree)


Cut your flowers off the stem leaving at least 1 inch of stem. These flowers came with 3 different sizes. I used the larger ones to create the flower ball. Now, start at the center of the circumference of the ball and place your sunflowers or whatever flower you use all around. This will give you a beginning point. Next, just filled in the empty spaces with rest of your flowers...making sure that the entire ball is covered except your bottom. The bottom will sit in your this part want be visible. Now cut you satin ribbon, making sure you measure it out against you vase. Attach it to the top of your vase using your glue gun. You are just embellishing it. Now, cut your lace ribbon the same size as your satin ribbon and layer it over your satin ribbon. Again, you are just embellishing your vase...adding a little something extra. You can embellish it however you like. Then cut all the stem away from your daisies and glue it in the center on your ribbons using a glue gun. Now to give you vase more height and more definition...attach your candle holder to the bottom of the vase, making sure it is centered using E6000 or Epoxy glue. I think the Epoxy glue would be better as far as duration. Now, it's time to fill you vase...fill it with whatever you want. Next, you will sit your flower ball on top of the vase. You can adhere it if you like using hot glue. Since I had all these votive candles from my niece's wedding...I decided...why I threw them in. Which adds another dimension. I embellished them the same way I did the vase. I also had some dangling gems from her I added two of them to the vase. And there you have it...a beautiful #Spring sunflower #Wedding Centerpiece for under 20.00.

Here are some more ideas:

I do hope you find some inspiration in these. And let me know if you do. As always, thanks for stopping by and sharing in this experience.


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