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Making Soap...My Try At It

Howdy ya'll!!! I am always trying to do some sort of DIY project. So, I thought I would love trying my hand at making soap. Well, I pretty much jumped right into it after watching a few how to videos. Today, I am sharing that experience with ya'll.

My mom told me that my grandmother use to make soap. I am learning a lot of things about my grandmother now that she passed on that I did not know. It sounds like she was a very talented woman. Very creative. So, maybe this is why I am so passionate for creating things. 

I had been wanting to try my hand making soap for sometime now. Yeah, I finally did it. I really enjoyed the process, but I must say it can be kinda intense. 

The first thing I did was to gather all of my supplies that I needed to make this happen. I did this very gradually. Below you can find the supplies that you will need.

Soap Mold
Digital thermometer
Digital Kitchen Scale
Stick Blender
Coconut Oil
Olive Oil
Fragrance Oil

Next I decided to create my own recipe using the lye calculator.  And no, I did not know what I was doing...hahaha...but it worked out...I so glad it did...because those products are not cheap. You can go here and create your own recipe.

I don't know  about ya'll, but I am a visual kind of person. Seeing how something is done really helps me. So, instead of me trying to explain how I made soap...I am linking  videos that I found to be very helpful. 

My Recipe...I call it Creamy Peppermint (Very simple)

Lye (Sodium Hydroxide)  4.29 oz
Distilled water 8.91 oz
Coconut Oil 20oz
Sweet Almond Oil 6 1/2 oz
Olive Oil 1/2 oz
Creamy Peppermint fragrance oil

As always thanks so much for stopping by.



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