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Dining Set Transformation

Happy New Years!!!
Dear blogging friends, too often when redesigning our homes many of us go out and purchase new items...even if it means going into debt. We all probably know that debt enslaves us. I don't know about you but I am tired of being enslaved. So, now I try to find creative inexpensive ways to redesign my home using items I already have or thrift find items. Today, I am sharing how my brother and I transformed my mother's old dining set with paint and fabric.

Praise ye the Lord (Yah), I will praise the Lord (Yah) with my whole heart, in the assembly of  the upright, and in the congregation.

One day, while on the phone with my mom she mentioned that she was tired of her old dining set and was going to buy a new one. She said it was all scratched up and the cushions in the chairs were dirty. Well, I told my you don't need to buy another one... My brother and I can just make that one over. She didn't sound too convinced that we could do that. So, I had to send a photo of a dining set similar to hers that had been made over. I got that photo from Confessions of a Serial DIYER. By the way gorgeous it. 

Here's What We Used:

Ivory Waverly Chalk Paint
Paint Brushes
Clean cotton rag
Wax (Folkart)
Espresso Brown Rustoleum Satin Spray Paint & Primer
Clear Coat
100 grit sand paper

We  removed the seats from the chairs. Then we painted them using a paint brush. We applied two coats. Then I removed the old dirty fabric from the chairs. If you want to add more cushion to the seats, then now is the time. I didn't, so I just recovered them with some fabric that I purchased a few years ago on clearance from Hancock Fabric. After the paint brother applied the wax...This seals the paint. The instructions can be found on the container. You can use a brush or a rag to apply the wax. We used a rag. Now, it's time to replace the seats. 

Next, we tackled the table. I wanted to stain the table top, but found out the top was lacquered. So, my brother detached the top of the table from the base and took it out side. We spray painted it with the Rustoluem espresso brown. We actually sanded it a little before painting it. Two coats did the job. The we sealed it with a clear sealer. Use a sealer that can be rolled or brushed on to get a even finish. 
While the top was drying, my brother painted the legs of the table using the same chalk paint. Again, given them 2 coats. After allowing everything to dry, he then reattached the legs. Wax was also applied to the legs of the table. 

This is a before. I didn't take a photo before we started. So, I had to find one. Not a very good one, but does give you an idea of how it looked.

This is  the final results. I love how it turned out. My mother also loves how it turned out. It cost less than 50.00 to do this. So, yes a lot of money saved. And it brightens up the room a bit. 

Thanks so, much for stopping by, ya'll.



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