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DIY Making Over An Old School House Desk And Chair With Spray Paint And Chalkboard Paint

Happy all of my blogging peeps!!! I hope that ya'll are having a bless day. This has been a pretty day in my neck of the woods. It rained two days straight. And yes, I saw some rain frogs. Those little boogers are so darn cute...but aggravating. They are always ready to jump inside your house when you open the door. I have had to show many rain frogs the door at my house...haha!!! Well, today I want to share a little project that I had been planning and finally got done. My sister...the one that I helped my brother remodeled her living room...had an old school house desk and chair...just sitting out in her yard. I don't know how long it had been out in the elements...but it was still in fairly decent shape. All it needed was some TLC and a home. So, I immediately thought of a home for it. I have a niece...she is 4 years old and is autistic. I thought this would be great for her. I do have a special place in my heart for her. She is so sweet...and loving. My sister is crazy about her as well. So, she had no problem with me taking it and fixing it up for our niece.  I came up with an idea...and thought that it just might be original. Can I please have an original idea...that would be a no. Because, so many of us...think just alike when it comes down to creating. I Google my idea and sure enough there it was. Well, I didn't let that deter me...because after all this is about my niece...and not about me. Any how...sometimes my brain can go there...haha!!!! Originality...I mean. This project  is an upcycled project...which means it doesn't have to go to a least not just yet. And it is going to make one little girl ecstatic to have her own desk. I actually took it a little further than painting it. I thought a chalk board will really make this desk functional. And my little niece will be as pleased as punch. I hope my niece want mind letting her big brother sit at it once and while...probably not. Her mother has already created a big chalk board for her and her brother in their play room...but this one will just be her own. 

This project was pretty simple for the most part. It just took a little elbow grease. The desk was in pretty bad shape...but salvageable. 

This is the before photo of the desk and the chair. I removed the top off the desk using my screw driver. I then gave the desk and the chair a good cleaning. I took a clean dry rag and dry it off really well. And then let the it air dried. As I said before...It had been out in the it was pretty dirty. 

This is another before photo. A closer up of the little chair. It was in a lot better shape than the desk was. I gave it a really good scrubbing as well. Notice the desk has library wrote on it? I wander if this desk was in the library of the school. It just might be one of the desks I sat in when I was in Elementary school. Anything is possible. Oh, it so reminds me of my primary school years.

These are some of the supplies/materials I used. Some are missing. See the list below.

Rustoleum American Accent Metallic Silver paint- (already had)
Foam Brushes
Washi tape by Ducks- 3.50 (Fred's)
Elmer's Wood Glue- (already had)
Elmer's Wood Filler
Rustoleum Chalk Board Paint- 9.96 (Walmart) Bought this for another project 
Krylon Whiter Spray Primer- 3.27 (Walmart)
Krylon Colormaster Sea Glass Satin Spray Paint + Primer- 2 cans at 3.27 (Walmart)
Sanding Block
Foam roller

The first thing I did was disassembled the top off the desk using my screw driver. I love my screw driver. It just makes it so much easier. Then I scrubbed the chair and desk down really well with soap and bleach. I then took a clean dry rag and dried it as best I could...allowing it to also air dry. After that I sand down the exposed particle board on the sides of the desk using my electrical sander with 60 grit sand paper. This was pretty damaged. So, I had to take my wood filler and fill in the empty areas...where some of the particle board was cracked and missing. I then took my wood glue and glued down the area where the veneer/laminate was loose on the top of the desk. I sat my bottle of charcoal lighter fluid on it to keep it down until the glue had dried. I then took my sanding block and lightly sand the top of the desk and the exposed edges. Next I took the Krylon Primer and primed the entire desk and chair. I allowed that to dry. Then I took the Krylon Sea Glass spray paint and primer and painted the entire desk...minus the top. I gave it two coats. I then took my Rustoleum Metallic silver paint and painted the entire chair. I also gave it two coats. I also spray painted the underside of the top of the desk using the Sea Glass spray paint. I gave it two coats as well. Next...I took a foam roller and painted the top of the desk with the chalkboard paint. Since the top was a little was almost impossible to get a even coverage. So, I took my foam brush and went over it and worked like a charm. The directions says to allow it to dry for 4 hours before given it a second coat. Well, I don't have that kind of the drying time between coats were 1 hour for me. Any worked out well. After allowing the chalk board paint to dry. Maybe, it was like in between...I decided...I have to do something for those edges of the top desk. At first I tried contact paper...that I already had...and I can ya'll I definitely wasn't feeling that. So, I ran to my local Fred's and got some Ducks Washi Tape. I chose the Penguin designs...for two was mighty cute and the blue kept with the affect I was trying to achieve with this project. I will talk more about that later. After the top was dry...I applied the Washi Tape. This stuff adheres really well. I am hoping that my niece...adventurous side does not kick in. might be a goner. Any how...I reinforced it by applying two layers. I used my scissors to remove any excess. Then I put the desk back together. And Walla!!! An old school house desk revived. It is recommended  to let the chalkboard paint cure 3 days before writing on it.
Top of Desk

Chair Primed

Chair First Coat
Desk Primed

Desk First Coat

When choosing the paint colors...I considered my niece's needs. Well, I thought the sea glass and the silver would have a calming affect. Lord knows she needs that. That girl is so active. She loves to I can just see her sitting on top of her desk. I read that using neutral and and cool colors...such as blue and green can be therapeutic. I guess we shall see. I really love that sea glass. Oh, what a beautiful color.
The mosquitoes were eating my legs up while doing this project. I was itching and scratching...and then I looked comes the City insect spray truck. I really don't know if it works or not. It seems like such a mighty small amount of spray for so many mosquitoes. Yes...I definitely did digress. I just had to share that little tid bit. And one other thing...on my way to Fred's...I saw a woman walking carrying what looked to be a 24 case of bottle water on top of her head. I kid you not. She was not using any kind of support...ya'll know such as her hands. I!!! I could never do that. That look like it might hurt. I then remembered my grandmother...God bless her soul...she's deceased...caring a wash pot on top of her head. I do believe that my head is flat enough to do just I do have a head like my grandma...but as I seem like it would hurt...the head and neck...and maybe some other parts. I also just had to share this to. I was really impressed with that woman carrying that water on her head. 

Okay, ladies and gents....what say ye? Was this old school house desk worth saving? I would love to read ya'll's comments about this project. Also, if ya'll have a similar project you want to share...then please do not hesitate to post your link/URL in the comment section of this post.

Blessings to all ya'll...and much love,

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