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DIY Faux Fur Pillow For The #Fall

Howdy ya'll!! Are ya'll ready for the Fall? Well, I am ready for my favorite season. Sadly, it doesn't even feel like Fall is approaching in my neck of the woods. Nevertheless...I am trying to get geared up for it's arrival. I made a faux fur pillow for my living room to start...haha.

I will bless Yahweh (the Lord) at all times. His praise shall continually be in my mouth.

I just really love those faux fur pillows... All that texture and softness makes you want to cuddle up with it and a bowl brunswick stew...mmm...mmm...good. So, when I came across the fabric at Walmart...I just had to purchase some. I purchased 1/2 yard for a little over 5 bucks.

I used the faux fur fabric for the front of the pillow and I purchased this Waverly cotton swatch from Walmart for the back. They were .97 each. I made the pillow 18 inches x 18 inches. Very easy project can be done by simply cutting your fabric to size...and then sewing them together by sewing machine or hand stitching it. You will leave about a 6 inch opening to stuff your pillow. I stuff mine with some fiberfill from an old pillow that I was no longer using. 

I have enough fabric to make 3 pillows. So, 2 for me and one for my daughter. Three pillows cost less than 10.00 to make. If you purchased these type pillow you will pay probably not less than 14.00 for one. 

Does this pillow make you think of Fall or what?  I hope I have inspired you to get in gear for the Fall season by sharing this easy DIY faux fur pillow. As always, thanks so much for stopping by.


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Highlights of My Niece's Wedding/ #WeddingSeries

Howdy ya'll! I finally have some photos of my niece's wedding that I did...yay!!

If ya'll remember the wedding was in May. It was a Spring wedding, but she chose beautiful Fall colors. We had a blast. Everything turned out...not perfect, but pretty wonderful. I diy-ed so many things. It was a lot of work...but worth it.

The Wedding Party

This is not all of the wedding party. The wedding party was huge.

This is the bride and the groom and all the guys. I made all the boutineers. 

The bride, groom and all the girls except the flower girls. I made all the bouquets. 

These are the little flower girls carrying the flower girl baskets that I made. They were so pretty.

The Reception Hall Decor.

The reception hall. There is like two huge screens in the room. I did a slide with their engagement photos and placed on the screens. That was pretty cool. Since I am not tech daughter in law came to the rescue and got them up and running. 

Cake Table before I added the bridesmaids bouquets.

This is a better view of the cake. It was a really pretty cake. I just wish she had a cake stand. I thought she had one, but found out she didn't the day.

The Head Table

This is the backdrop my daughter and I created from coffee filters...My daughter did the majority of the work. My brother and I created the stand out of PVC pipes. I wish I had a better image of it all lighted up. That's my nephew with his handsome self...haha... There were two doors behind the head table, so I had to find a way to camouflage it. I use sheer panels. Would have preferred curtains or a wider backdrop, but the budget did not allow for it...yikes.  Any how, those are some ways to cover up eyesores. 

A better view of the backdrop...However, still not fully lit. The centerpiece is a floral arrangement I made with hydrangeas from my mom yard...and greenery. You would be surprised at what I used to hold it. It turned out really pretty and brought life to the table.

So, this is all for right now. I will probably do a part two. I hope that you all enjoyed the photos. As always thanks so much for stopping by.



My Granddaughter's Bedroom Makeover

Howdy peeps!! I hope everyone is doing lovely today. It has been a while since I've posted anything...Yeah, been kind of busy. Any how, I wanted to share my granddaughter's room makeover today. I actually should have done this a while back. However, I didn't because I wanted to get better photos. It was dark when the photos were taken, so no natural lighting. I just decided to just post what I have. 

*I will extol thee , My God, O King: and I will bless thy name for ever and ever.
Psalm 145: 1
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